What is this “National Customer Service Week” really all about??

What is this “National Customer Service Week” really all about??
by Bill Gessert

Since 1984, the International Customer Service Association (ICSA) has spearheaded National Customer Service Week (NCSW) during the first full week of October. Businesses and organizations all across the United States and internationally use that week as an opportunity to do something special for their customer Service personnel. Fun & games, food & beverages, even some recognition make up these celebrations.

But is that what the ICSA’s Founders of NCSW had in mind back in 1984…fun & games? Nope, not really.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fun & games! But the true spirit behind NCSW is not encompassed in doing some fun things that week. Its real meaning is much deeper and way more important than that.

When the ICSA founded NCSW the goal was to get businesses and organizations to deepen their understanding of the impact that the customer experience (CX) has on the satisfaction and loyalty of those customers. And, how that loyalty translates directly to the bottom-line success of the organization. Taking this a step further, the ICSA was looking to raise awareness of the impact that customer-facing personnel have on the customer’s experiences with your brand. And make no mistake, it is a powerful connection.

See the ICSA gets it. In order to craft consistently EXCELLENT customer experiences, you have to craft consistently EXCELLENT employee experiences! Don’t take my word for it.

Simply go to GlassDoor.com and look at what employees are saying about their companies. Is the chatter positive, or negative? Then, head on over to the American Customer Satisfaction Index and look for those same companies. Here’s what you will find consistently…

Companies whose employees speak enthusiastically about them all score higher on the American Customer Satisfaction Index. This is no mistake and it is a fact that has been proven empirically over and over again.

Want satisfied customers? Create satisfied employees!
Want loyal customers? Create loyal employees!
Want to provide your customers with consistently excellent experiences? Create consistently excellent experiences for your employees!

Which takes us back to what National Customer Service Week is really all about. This is your chance, Mr/Ms CEO, Business Owner, COO, Director – your chance to launch an internal campaign designed to craft consistently excellent experiences for your employees. And if you do, it will be only a matter of time that those same employees craft consistently excellent experiences for your customers!

Between now and October 3rd, the start of National Customer Service Week, we have invited several of the most recognized Customer Experience Experts as well as some of the top brands in America to share with us how they create exceptional experiences for their employees and customers. Our goal is to provide you with actionable plans to enhance both the employee experiences and your customer experiences.

Oh, and in the process, we’ll give you some solid ideas on how to maximize National Customer Service Week in your business or organization. So be sure to bookmark this site and come back frequently between now and October 3rd. And start making your plans for celebrating National Customer Service Week in your organization!

Bill Gessert, speaker, writer, and all round good guy (who wrote this?) is the volunteer President of the International Customer Service Association. He has been working in the Customer Service and Customer Experience space nearly his entire career. During that time he’s had the good fortune of assisting companies including: 3M, Pfizer, Nike, Macys, BIC, United Health Plans, IBM, and many more in efforts to improve the experiences they provide to their customers! Bill’s current day job is Director of New Business Development with Fernley & Fernley, a Philadelphia based firm providing professional management services to non-profit associations. Bill and his wife Lisa live in Staten Island, NY with their faithful companion, Sunny.

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