The Rock Stars On Your Customer Service Line, by Dayna Steele

dayna-steeleNow more than ever, companies need to give customers some tender loving care and excellent customer service to prove their value to the company. One of the best ways companies can do this is to give their customer service representatives, their people on the front lines, their professionals with direct access to customers and potential customers everything they need to do their job better than any other company.  National Customer Service Week is a great time to start!

As a business success speaker, I collect stories that illustrate best practices for business success including customer service. Here are some of my favorite true stories that illustrate taking care of your people so your people can take care of you:

  • The first Coors beer distributor in Texas kept a huge organization chart in his office with the drivers at the top, followed by the receptionist and customer service reps all the way down to him as CEO at the bottom. Dick Azar always said the drivers who interacted with his customers every day were the most important people in the company and he treated them like the rock stars they were. He was often in the garage when they returned at the end of their deliveries, asking how they were, what they needed, and what customers had to say that day.
  • My aunt and uncle used to work for the FBI (administrator and courier). Director Robert Kennedy would often bring his sack lunch and join them as well as other workers on the patio during break time. It was a great way for him to see what was happening with his agency at all levels. You should see Aunt Mary and Uncle Jim tell those stories – their tone of voice and the look on their faces tell you they knew they were important to the organization and important in Kennedy’s eyes. that made them want to do an even better job, to make Kennedy proud and their country safe.
  • As a former rock radio personality for 20+ years, it was always a good day for me when the program director, promotions manager, or music director had to fill in and do a shift in the control room. Then and only then would they discover what we would often tell them – equipment is in need of repair or upgrades, music is misfiled, and promo cards or commercials are missing. When is the last time you sat on your customer service line and actually took calls?

Customers don’t buy services and products; they buy solutions. The employees on the front lines are your company’s solution rock stars. Treat them as such. Give them the tools and the attention they need to rock and create the hits.


Dayna Steele is the host of The Rock Business video series and is The Rock Talk featured keynote business speaker. Success takes more than talent. Dayna delivers the success principles and introduces the rock stars that prove that theory every day. This rock radio Hall of Famer is also the creator of the 101 Ways To Rock Your World book series. Dayna is a professional on LinkedIn, occasionally snarky on Twitter, and has absolutely no filter on Facebook.

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