The Power of Human Touch by Scott Keller, TPG TeleManagement

2ed65bcThis may sound familiar to you Customer Service/Experience/Operations/Marketing Executive…

  • “We need to reduce costs in order to help deliver our number to the street.”
  • “I need your help improving cost in our business model.”
  • “Can we reduce how often we talk to our customers?”
  • “What are the cost savings to us if we automate communications with our customers?”

Many of the businesses we work with to improve customer experience are changing their approach to how they answer questions like the above. Customer Service, for businesses building customer loyalty, are executing on the ‘opportunity’ to speak with their customers and talking to their customers proactively.

Let’s discuss…

We have the good fortune of working with many of the most recognized brands in the world. I will touch on a couple of quick stories that deeply speak to us about the power of great customer service…and most importantly the power of human touch.

Creating an Emotional Connection (and quantifying it…)

One of our most recognized entertainment/travel brands is working to create the most personal and trusted reservation experience on the globe. The Customer Roadmap is to deliver “A guest journey transformation to become the Industry’s “Most Trusted Travel and Entertainment Provider.”

OK, no pressure…sounds nice in a board room…what are we actually going to do?

Can we create and quantify the financial return for great customer interactions? How do we build Trust with our guests today, tomorrow and for their family generationally?

We identified a series of dialogue components and behaviors that when delivered drove revenue per reservation, higher levels of CSAT and measurable improved voice of customer feedback. We defined these interaction attributes as our Trust Index. Once quantification of the ‘what’ and ‘why’ was complete…we got to work changing the conversations we have with our guests.

Image 1

Deliver Financial Results – The Role of the Phone/Chat

One of our global financial services relationships is meaningfully looking to ‘proactively’ connect with their consumers. Would removing an automated communication in our relationship and replacing it with a live interaction allow us to educate and bring value to our consumers if we execute the proper service experience?

Below is the process and outcome we drove by increasing human engagement with our customers.

image 2

Reactive Customer Management = Customer Last  Proactive Customer Management = Customer Centric

Customer Service, when prioritized with customers in mind first, is:

  • How you learn as an organization
  • Where you seek real product and service feedback
  • Where you create metrics to unite the organization
  • A strategic area to create positive financial impact for your business

You can compete and differentiate yourself and your business if you leverage the opportunity to connect at a human level. In our digital world a memory is worth a thousand impressions. Memories are created through human connections. Connections are formed through valuable interactions!

2ed65bcScott Keller is the President and co-owner of TPG TeleManagement and oversees strategic service, organizational development, ROI delivery, market positioning, revenue, International expansion and client solution activities. His specialties include customer relationship management, contact center strategic optimization, organizational and IT alignment strategies, e-commerce and market/product

Scott has more than 19 years of experience in executive and entrepreneurial leadership, business and technology consulting, strategy development, program management, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Roadmap development, information systems development and organizational design.

TPG TeleManagement provides products and services to our Fortune 500 clients, driving business performance through improved customer experience and risk mitigation. We evaluate and analyze call/chat/email interactions to unlock key behavioral and procedural drivers of sales, retention and service while creating satisfied customers.

Scott Keller | President m. 678.296.3676

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