Plan now to celebrate your front-line customer service professionals during National Customer Service Week

This week’s blog is from George Larribas, Executive Vice President and head of Wells Fargo Treasury Management Client Delivery (TMCD). Based in Los Angeles, he oversees more than 800 team members based primarily in seven service centers nationwide. His group includes education, production support, business process, technical support, and customer service teams. TMCD’s award-winning customer service and technical support teams offer a consultative support model for customers using Treasury Management products and services through Wells Fargo’s Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) portal.

National Customer Service Week is October 3-7. It’s the perfect time to acknowledge the work of the people in your company who answer the phones and respond online to help customers with questions, issues, and problems.

The International Customer Service Association (ICSA) founded National Customer Service Week in 1984; eight years later it was proclaimed a national event by the U.S. Congress. Its’ goal is to shine a spotlight on how absolutely vital customer service is to the health and profitability of every company, and to raise awareness of the importance of Customer Service as a profession.

I’m on the Board of ICSA and, as head of Customer Service for Wells Fargo’s Treasury Management and Commercial Card businesses, I experience every day what excellent customer service looks like. It’s striving for first touch resolution, facilitating open and friendly customer conversations, and diffusing difficult situations with empathy, grace, and professionalism.

Why is good customer service important? Because it is strongly correlated with brand loyalty. And in today’s environment, where everyone is a rater, reviewer, and reporter, one bad customer experience can go viral causing irreparable damage to your reputation, your brand, and your bottom line.

Visit ICSA’s website at to learn more about what you can do to acknowledge customer service teams at your company this October. Plus, the ICSA has set up a website just for National Customer Service Week: And while you’re at it, consider joining ICSA to be part of a large and growing organization that is dedicated to sharing best practices and industry information about what many people are calling the most important investment a company can make.

Listening, responding, and keeping customers happy is good business!

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