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From now through National Customer Service Week the ICSA will be posting special blogs from highly respected individuals and brands regarding National Customer Service Week!  Be sure to visit often to read the most recent posts.  For more information regarding National Customer Service Week – 2016, visit the NCSW Official Website!

Celebration Guide!

Also, if you need ideas on how best to celebrate National Customer Service Week within your organization, we’d be happy to send you the Official National Customer Service Week Celebration Guide!  Full of ideas, it even includes a sample email you can send to the Executive Leadership in your organization to gain their support of National Customer Service Week!  To get your free guide, click here: Official NCSW Celebration Guide


3 Strategies for Improving Your Team’s Customer Service – by Adam Toporek

ICSAadmin - September 27, 2016 - Message from the President

Each year, National Customer Service Week provides leaders a natural opportunity to start a discussion about customer experience and customer service with their teams. It creates a defined time period to not only celebrate your team’s delivery of service but also to look at ways your team can take its service to new heights. As […]

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The Joy of Service…. And Popcorn! by JC Quintana

ICSAadmin - September 20, 2016 - Message from the President

I would love to give you a precise list of all the things I’ve done wrong in my 30+ years working with customers. It would fill volumes of tragic and humorous episodes I would rather forget. I’ve learned through this wondrous experience of serving people, that helping human beings is as much about doing things […]

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