NEW ICSA Reward Program Launched!

Now, for the first time ever, the ICSA has its very own points based loyalty program! It is called AchieveLinks and through it, ICSA members can earn “Links” (points) for making purchases of every day items AND business items. And these Links are redeemable on everything from toasters to travel to even ICSA products and services.

The really awesome thing about AchieveLinks is that every time an ICSA Member uses AchieveLinks, the ICSA earns a non-dues revenew share.

I want to encourage each of you to go to the AchieveLinks site, register, and begin to use the site to build up your Links and move towards your own rewards. Just follow these steps:
Go to
Once there, register as a new user
At some point in the registration process you will be asked to select the Association you are with. Use the drop down menu to select the International Customer Service Association
Once you complete your registration, wait a few minutes to receive the confirmation email
Click on the link provided by the confirmation email and you will be ready to shop, earn, and REWARD yourself and the ICSA!