ICSA Mission, Vision, Values, & History

Our Mission is to advance, strengthen, and promote the industry of Professional Customer Service. We exist to assist individuals and organizations with their professional growth, development, and recognition, and to link service professionals world-wide.

Our Vision is to be the LEADING provider of programming and resources at the strategic, operational, tactical levels. By doing so, we will advance awareness of the importance of customer service within organizations, and position Service Professionals as THE MOST vital element of any organizations growth strategies. We will assist our members and their organizations reach their professional growth and customer satisfaction goals and objectives.

The Values under which we will operate include:

  • Focus – The practitioner comes first
  • Excellence – Anything we do we will do with excellence
  • Professionalism – Service is a profession and only professionals provide the highest quality service
  • Flexibility – We will respond on a dime to the changing needs of our members
  • Passion – Service is our passion!

To download an infographic of the History of the ICSA, click here: ICSA Timeline