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Certification   The Mission of the ICSA is:


To advance, strengthen, and promote the industry of Professional Customer Service. We exist to assist individuals and organizations with their professional growth, development, and recognition, and to link service professionals world-wide.The only ICSA Certified Training For Customer Service Professionals that are ICSA members.

In order to advance this Mission, the ICSA is pleased to provide the following three high quality learning & development programs:


This highly-interactive course will help you master the 7 key roles of exceptional front-line managers, and ensure your team produces consistently, high quality results.


An outstanding on-demand, online training program providing the core customer service skills necessary to provide exceptional customer experiences on a consistent basis.


Thousands of front-line service providers have become ICSA Certified as a means of sharpening their skills and advancing their careers in the Customer Experience Industry.



The ICSA Announces Strategic Affiliation with Let’s Grow Leaders

The ICSA has entered into a strategic affiliation with Let’s Grow Leaders, a company dedicated to the professional development of team leaders, supervisors, managers, and directors.  Let’s Grow Leaders CEO, Karin Hurt is a past ICSA Keynote speaker, author, and well recognized expert in leadership development.  Karin also recently accepted a position on the ICSA Advisory Council.

As a part of this new strategic affiliation, the ICSA is pleased to offer to its members a brand new, multi-channel, self-paced leadership development program titled:

Results That Last!  7 Roles Every Manager Must Master

What’s unique about this course is that with each unit, the front-line manager will be given a specific activity to go back and try with their teams in order to reinforce the concepts and solicit feedback that can be incorporated into their development. They  will also be given an opportunity to share their experiences with other learners and Karin through forum-style discussions.

This course is designed to enhance your skills, to open up communication with your team, and to give you tangible exercises to help your team improve. It’s NOT designed to tell you how to lead or to ask you to lead with some ideal model. You will be asked to try on different roles, and to reflect on which are most comfortable for you. If you find yourself weak in a particular area, this is the opportunity to not only work to develop these skills, but to also seek out these skill sets within others on your team.

This 10-part program is completely self-paced making it a great option for time-stressed leaders.  It is ideal for any individual who has a team of direct reports.  It will enhance your leadership, increase your effectiveness, and improve the results of your team!

Watch this brief video from Karin to learn more about this outstanding professional development program.


After viewing the video above, just click on the link below for additional information or to purchase this outstanding leadership development program!

7 Roles Every Manager Must Master Enroll NOW!

ICSA and Shep Hyken Strategically Partner

The International Customer Service Association (ICSA www.icsatoday.org) announced today that it is very excited to join together in a strategic partnership with Shep Hyken to provide ongoing, high quality customer service training for ICSA members at a discount. “This is some of the best online/virtual customer service training available today and aligns with the ICSA mission to advance, strengthen, and promote the industry of professional customer service,” says Don Yager, Vice President of ICSA, “We exist to help individuals and organizations with their professional growth; we serve those that serve to help companies and individuals put customers first. We are excited to partner with Shep Hyken, the consummate authority on customer service, to provide this great benefit to our members.”

Watch this brief video to hear Shep share what makes this program so great!

Customer service expert and author of over ten books, Shep Hyken (www.hyken.com) has been working with companies in the area of customer service, customer experience, and customer loyalty since 1983. “In an industry where common sense is not so common, it is critical for companies and individuals to understand how to ensure they deliver on their brand promise and deliver unexpected results – this training delivers this, but not without commitment and dedication from the top,” says Shep Hyken. “I am excited to partner with the ICSA on this endeavor, we are culturally and strategically aligned – this just makes sense!”

To take advantage of these great courses and ICSA member discount, go to www.thecustomerfocus.com/icsa and enter the promo code ICSA in the Special Code field. Or ICSA members can just visit the ICSA Learning and Development page at www.icsatoday.org/icsa-certification. Not yet a member of the ICSA? Just head over to www.icsatoday.org for information on how to become a member and the benefits of membership.

ICSA Certification

One of the primary methods the ICSA uses to advance this Mission is to provide the highest quality educational programming and professional development.  For more than 20 years, the ICSA has provided the only Professional Customer Service Certification program for front-line service providers.  “Through the Customer’s Eyes” was created to provide customer service professionals with the core skills necessary to create exceptional customer experiences.

Requirements for ICSA Certification


In order to qualify to be ICSA Certified as a Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP), you must successfully complete Through the Customer’s Eyes as well as the the post course assessment.  You must also hold active membership with the International Customer Service Association.  To learn more about this program download the PDF below, or call the ICSA office at 888.900.8503.


Interactive Training and Certification      View More Information

Customer Service Certification Level II    View More Information


Our brand new program STAR12 is rolling out. More specific information will be coming soon!