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June, 2015

We’re Busy Building an Even Stronger ICSA!

Update: June, 2015

The ICSA Board is nearly complete.  You can learn about the Board by visiting the Board of Directors page on this site.  This group of highly qualified individuals are all leaders within the customer service industry.  The primary function of the Board is to develop the strategic plans that will drive the Mission of the ICSA forward and manage the business affairs of the Association.

And that Mission to provide individuals and organizations with education, professional growth, development, and recognition and to link service professionals world-wide.  Our Vision is to be the LEADING provider of programming and resources at the strategic, operational, tactical levels. By doing so, we will advance awareness of the importance of customer service within organizations, and position Service Professionals as THE MOST vital element of any organizations growth strategies. We will continue to assist our members and their organizations reach their professional growth and customer satisfaction goals and objectives.

QUESTION #1 – What is the BEST way to get the most from your membership with the ICSA?  Easy answer: GET INVOLVED!


QUESTION #2 – How can you get involved?  Easy answer:  JOIN AN ICSA COMMITTEE!!!


The work of the ICSA is nearly all done by the Committees who design and launch strategic initiatives that bring value to ICSA members.  We’re not talking about another “part-time” job here.  Committees are designed to accomplish a great deal, while using only a bit of your available time.  And the rewards for your investment of time are significant!  Serving on an ICSA Committee truly is the best way to maximize your membership, shape the direction and future of the organization, and advance your professional career. (It looks REAL good on your resume!)  Visit the ICSA Committee page today and select the Committee that best matches your skills and passion!

We are thrilled to be moving forward and the ICSA database is now under development.  This includes that creation of the ICSA Members Only section of the website.  Once available, this will provide members with access to programming exclusive to ICSA members.  Additionally, the Members Only section will allow our members to do the following:

  • Connect with other members to share best practices and operational challenges
  • Access the ICSA Member Directory
  • Register for ICSA events including the ICSA Annual Conference
  • Participate in Community and Forum discussions
  • Renew ICSA membership
  • And much, MUCH more!

We expect the database and Members Only section to be available within the next 3 to 5 weeks.

While our database system is not yet up and running, we can manually process membership applications now! 

Simply download the Membership Application form, complete it, and if you are paying via credit card you can email your application to or fax it to 888.900.7329.  If you are paying by check, complete the Application and mail it to:  Lisa Gessert – ICSA, 36 Country Drive North, Staten Island, NY 10314.  Here is the form:

2015 ICSA Membership Application

Some of our members